What should I wear?

Picking outfits for a photo shoot can be a little bit overwhelming sometimes, but it is seriously my favorite part so here are some tips for picking out your Ensemble! I love the layered look (not layered like Randy from "A Christmas Story" {I can't get up!} but streamlined layered) Think about adding a vest, maybe a light weight scarf, chunky colorful jewelry, colored or patterned tights for little girls, and collared shirts with sweaters or vests over for boys. Hats for either gender is always a plus. Denim is timeless and fun to wear for photos, especially in tops. Denim tops are very in right now and adorable with skinny pants or skirts. Also, think of texture. Fur, leather, crochet, wool, suede, etc. It adds depth and interest. Lastly, when thinking color I usually suggest picking a couple neutrals and one spice color. Brown, tan, cream white, gray or black and then adding interest with lime green, coral, or red. Blue can also be considered a neutral and is especially fun with yellow (think opposites on the color wheel: red & green, blue & yellow, purple & yellow). Don't be afraid to mix patterns and use all shades of the color you choose. Above all just have fun and make sure that the clothes you choose are totally you.

What to expect with a newborn photo shoot?

Here is some info about the newborn photo shoots since I feel like there is a lot you should know so you can be prepared: Newborns are usually happiest in the morning, so I tend to schedule these at 10:00 am. Be advised that newborn shoots usually range between 2-3 hours. It takes some time to get the baby fed, happy, off to sleep, in position, etc. We usually feed the baby right when he/she arrives. Sometimes, this one feeding is enough to keep them asleep the entire shoot and sometimes they require more. So its best to bring extra bottles and or boobs along with you to feed the baby when needed. I have found that babies often eat more than usual on picture day and go completely off their schedule, so be prepared. Newborns take many photos naked. It is fully ok for him/her to poop and pee all over everything (including you and I) so know that that is normal and totally acceptable. Bring extra diapers, wipes and burp cloths. If you have any special blankets, hats, ties , bows, etc please bring those along. I have lots of baskets, blankets, backdrops, props, ties, headbands, hats, tutus, diaper covers,etc to use as well. Keep in mind, it\\\'s best to shoot newborns before they are 2 weeks old. The cost is $125.00 per hour and that cost also buys you the disc of edited images.

What to expect with a studio mini shoot?

I shoot for almost every holiday. These are not your ideal shoot for families…kids only! 

I book every 15 minutes (though I usually don\'t shoot that long). These shoot moves quickly so remember to show up on time, dressed, and ready.

Location: 822 West Mariposa Ave, Stockton, CA (over by UOP)

I have a small studio in my garage which I will be utilizing for this shoot. Just travel up the drive way, and you will find me there.

Cost: $35.00

You Receive: a disc of (max) 5 professionally edited images burned to a disc
(ready for you to pick up at 822 West Mariposa Ave)

RSVP: I require that you RSVP to hold your spot

KEEP IN MIND: Spots are limited. Please only book if you are planning on attending.

Helpful Hints: Sometimes it is hard to get our little ones to sit still and smile for a picture in a studio setting, so its a good idea to bring some snacks and something to drink. And if you would like, some bribery…. maybe some candy, a new toy waiting in the car, whatever it is you think will work. You can also bring a familiar toy that makes noise to get their attention, and maybe even a comfort item for them to hold if worst comes to worst.

What to expect with an outdoor mini shoot?

Outdoor mini shoots take place twice a year (spring & fall) and are great for families!

I book every 20 minutes though we won\'t be shooting that long, so please be on time and ready to shoot when you arrive.

Location: outdoor location usually in Linden.

Cost: $50.00

You Receive: a disc of (max) 10 professionally edited images burned to a disc
(ready for you to pick up at 822 West Mariposa Ave)

Important Info: If you have smaller children its best to bring some snacks (bribery) or candy and maybe something to drink. Also a good idea to bring a favorite toy…maybe something that makes noise to get their attention.

Cancellation: If you cancel your shoot and I can not fill your spot, you will still be required to pay the $50.00 cost for the shoot.